Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Promised Land: Fracking 101

                             Matt Damon & John Krasinski are worthy adversaries. Or are they?

 "I'm a good guy," says Steve Butler (Matt Damon). It's his refrain in this movie about big money's battle with the environment.

And he is. He's also either naive, gullible or not the sharpest colt in the barn. He works for a big company, so big it's called Global. And his job is to convince farmers to sell drilling rights to their land.

He believes wholeheartedly — in this alternative energy source and what it can do for farmers whose way of life is sputtering to a stop.

Enter a charismatic Krasinski in a green pickup truck with an Athena logo on its side. Beware of Global, he tells the locals. But what's he got up his pushed-up sleeves? 

To its credit, Promised Land is not as predictable as it seems at first blush. Then again, it's not surprising enough.

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