Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beautiful Creatures: Good vs Evil, etc, etc, etc

Based on a series of fantasy novels for teens, Beautiful Creatures surely had a fan base before it even opened. And the Movie slut is certain they'll love this flick. It's the tried and true teen story about star-crossed lovers.  And in case you didn't pick that up and are old enough to remember, the theme from A Summer Place, accompanies one scene.

The Movie Slut, who can still enjoy teen movies (sometimes), had two problems with this film. For one, it had so many different ideas it seemed to want to hit on every major point in the supernatural book series.

But more distracting for MS was the likeness between Alden Ehreinreich, the male love interest, and a young Jack Nicholson. At times it seemed he'd studied the Five Easy Pieces star's moves and expressions and was channeling or imitating Jack.

Despite Ehreinreich's good looks, antic grin and renegade style, two of older actors stole the show. Jeremy Irons and Emma Thomson were non-humans in the film and played their roles with relish.

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