Monday, February 11, 2013

Side Effects: Do not consume without popcorn

Warning! Side Effects can cause confusion, dizzy spells, heart palpitations and hallucinations involving an Alpine pass with hairpin turns around each bend.

It starts off as a seemingly predictable anti-drug culture flick, then veers into something else, then something else, again and again. Think of it as an amusement park ride. You may not like the end, but getting there is a thrill.

Part of the fun can be credited to wonderful acting, particularly Jude Law, as the prescribing doctor, and Rooney Mara as the psychiatric patient.

Make sure you know as little as possible about this film. Do not read spoiler alerts or converse with chatty friends who've seen it.

Just sit back, chomp on you popcorn, and get swept away.

You might also treat this flick as if it were Dickens' unflinished novel, "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" and choose the ending you prefer.

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