Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dead Man Down: And UP

Revenge is a dish best left in the kitchen. But if that happened there would be no crime thriller starring the wonderful Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace.

Rapace, btw, is the Swedish actress who was The Girl in the Scandinavian version of that tattoo flick. And far superior to the actress in the American remake, if you ask the Movie Slut.

Here she's a gal out for revenge, who meets a guy out for revenge and together they plot their diabolically evil scheme to extract justice from an unjust world.

But something happens along the way. In fact, lots of stuff happens, including assault-weapon violence (another high-capacity magazine, pul-eeze), fiery infernos ( if that's redundant, it fits the bill).  And, yes, even love among the dead bodies.

There was a brain behind this movie. One that would have been better served by avoiding the usual shoot-'em-up stuff. Aren't we over that yet?

DMD might not be all it could have been. But we'll always have Colin and Noomi and Terrance Howard, too.

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