Sunday, March 24, 2013

Emperor: History Lite

In 1945, Gen. Douglas MacArthur went to Japan. His mission: To determine if the emperor was responsible for starting World War II. It's a grave task, because if the answer is "yes" the man revered by his people would have to be brought to justice.

This is one of those loosely-based-on-history films. But in it MacArthur, played by Tommy Lee Jones, substituting a pose and a pipe for acting, is too busy blustering around and anticipating his run for president to be bothered leaving his Japanese headquarters. Luckily for us he pushes the job onto  young Gen. Bonner Fellers (a wonderful Matthew Fox who's totally believable in the role.)

Did he or didn't he is the question this film asks. But alas, no real drama splashes onto the screen. Some might think the spy thriller is undercut by a love story between Fellers and a beautiful Japanese woman he met before the war, which is played out in flashbacks.

It seems this movie has something for everyone. But while The Movie Slut wonders if it has enough of anything for anyone, she's glad she saw it.

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