Friday, June 21, 2013

Man of Steel: It's a hit. It's a Winner. It's a Bit Disappointing

Henry Cavill more than fills the capes of those who've flown before him. He's a beautiful and profoundly sincere superhero, who lives for one reason alone— to save our planet.

So, if he's an uber- earnest, forthright chap, that should be excused. After all, he's not Iron Man, who's one letter away from Irony, especially as played by Robert Downey Jr.

Cavill is what makes this murky movie. Whether on Earth or Krypton, all else is a bit dreary. Even, the usually sun-shiny Amy Adams, as plucky Lois Lane, pales in comparison to this sparkling Superman.

The movie has it all: special effects galore, juicy sci fi plot points, an evil adversary (Michael Shannon), two dads, Kevin Costner on Earth and Russell Crowe on Krypton, and Diane Lane made up to look dowdy as Supey's Earth Mom. And it's already a box office hit, raking in $125 million on its first weekend, breaking previous records.

So do see it and don't take your eyes off the Man of Steel.

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