Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm So Excited: But Not Delighted


In 1985, the Movie Slut landed her first full-time job writing for a daily newspaper. And she was soooo excited. Turns out a gal group called The Pointer Sisters had a hit that was zooming up the charts and it totally captured the exhilarating feeling. Every morning as she drove to work, that disco hit was bouncing over the air waves. It was a perfect alignment of music and mood.

So, you can imagine how excited the MS was to hear about a new movie, not only named for the song, but also containing the music in its entirety. AND, there's more. This movie was directed by her fave, Pedro Almodovar.

Alas, the excitement ended about thirty minutes into the film. Of course, bad Almodovar is better than most movies that make it to the multiplex. Still.

One problem with Excited is the claustrophobic setting. Most of the movie takes place aboard a plane. A bigger issue is the outdated sensibility. Much of the movie is about being gay, bi, or gender confused. Think Priscilla of the Desert without the the sand and drag. But we've moved on and, it seems, left Almodovar in the dust. Now, it's about gay rights and marriage equality.

The Movie Slut is still glad she saw Excited. And is, yes, excited, to see what Almodovar will do next. In the meantime listen up.
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