Monday, July 1, 2013

World War Z: Iz Zo Good

There are two kinds of people in the world. You have your vampire-fanciers and your zombie-lovers. The Movie Slut falls into the second group.

Maybe that's why she was in her element in this flick, which most critics panned. Sadly, she even put off seeing it because of poor reviews. Now, she's glad she didn't miss it.

WWZ is a sci-fi, pseudo-science, horror, thriller — with comedic elements sprinkled in like sea salt—starring Brad Pitt. Perhaps that's why the grumpy reviewers were so peevish. Years ago, they built him up. Now, they're tearing him apart. Can't we stop this silliness already?

The movie opens with a montage illustrating the brutality of nature.

"Mother Nature is a serial killer," one of the characters, a Harvard scientist, tells Gerry (Brad), a former UN hotspot operative, who's brought back to deal with the zombie epidemic.

Speaking of the zombies. These are not your every day, lumbering-around-with-arms-outstretched  walking dead. These dead people are aggressive, relentless, thrashing, growling killers. (The comedic elements.) And downright scary at times. But isn't that the point of a good horror film? It's therapeutic to laugh at danger. Or least we can walk out of the theater having survived.

WWZ is a perfectly serviceable movie of its genre. It even has interesting and thought-provoking moments. AND, the freakingest up-in-the-air scene since "Snakes on a Plane."

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