Saturday, April 19, 2014

Draft Day: No Crying in Football?

Kevin Costner as Sonny in Draft Day
"You sure got big balls, Sonny," a character in this football movie tells the team's general manager. And from the look on Kevin Costner's face, it's the ultimate compliment.

Sonny's mission, which takes place on the day that the NFL trades and hires players, is to pick the best players for his team, the Cleveland Browns. And he executes that feat with the kind of expert wheeling and dealing that would have made Lyndon Johnson proud.

Draft Day is a squeaky clean football flick with characters that appear to have as little to do with reality as Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy. Forget steroids, concussions, dog fighting rings and domestic violence, the players Sonny signs and trades might as well be wearing Boy Scout badges and helping little old ladies cross the street.

Still, thanks to Costner's low-key performance this is an eminently likable popcorn flick.
Reality can be overrated.

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