Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Lunchbox: Eat & Meet?

Irrfan Khan, as Saajan & Nimrat Kaur, as Ila, in The Lunchbox.
The loneliness of the main characters in this romance of sorts is all the more poignant and palpable because they live in Mumbai, the most populace city in a country known for human density. A young housewife and a white collar worker are brought together by, what else, lunch.

The plot is no more than a short story (a good one.) But it's stretched into a full-length movie. Those with short attention spans and action/thriller fans might grow restless. Not the Movie Slut. She savored every scene, all of which opened windows onto modern day Indian life and customs.

Bollywood this is not. But the film may have a happy ending if you choose one. That's left for the audience to decide.

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