Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lucy: She's the First

It's a sci-fy flick that wonders what would happen if humans used 100% of their brain capacity.
It's a revenge thriller that would make the Count of Monte Cristo proud.
It's a post-post feminist screed that Helen Reddy could sing about.

Lucy is all that and more. It's also Scarlett Johansson showing us, once again, that she's a riveting actress who can carry a film almost on her own. Remember Under The Skin.

There's plenty of pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo on the screen and lots of mind-blowing special effects. Which is as it should be in a movie that takes us way beyond the possible to the totally improbable. Add exceptional music, flashbacks to the first Lucy, and a spectacular Little Black Dress and what you get is a movie that can be seen again and again. The Movie Slut will.

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