Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wish I Was Here: Oh, No You Don't

Wish I Was Here would be a terrific title for a film about someone with a rabid texting habit.

Alas, none of the characters is this dispiriting com-dram about a contemporary family living above their means in L.A. has such an affliction.

Dad's a struggling (failed?) actor. Mom pays the bills working for the water company. (Suspend with disbelief, here.) Grandpa, who pays tuition at the Orthodox Jewish school, is taken ill.Lots of jokes about rabbis. (So been there seen that.)

"Heartfelt" is a word several critics have used to describe this movie. But somehow Zach Braff, who's the director, co-writer and star, didn't transfer that warm and fuzzy feelings to the Movie Slut. However Gena, her pal and fellow movie junkie, thought the movie was "sweet."

The MS, who must get the last word, after all this is her blog, says,  yeah, sweet like candy corn dunked in molasses and coated with milk chocolate.

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