Friday, October 24, 2014

St. Vincent: Teresa He's Not

Vincent (Bill Murray) is a drunk, a gambler, a curmudgeon and that's just the beginning of his negatives. If you think that's funny, you may like this flick.

The Movie Slut is not laughing.

But then, St. V is not a comedy. The only funny character is Naomi Watts, who's hysterical as a Russian prostitute and pole dancer with a heart of gold, a potty mouth and a rapidly expanding baby bump.

Melissa McCarthy, playing against type, isn't funny either. But she's not supposed to be and proves her skills surpass her usual repulsive loser-gal roles.

Maybe the problem with St. Vincent is that it tries to be heart-warming and fails. Or maybe the real trouble is that it's just a vehicle for Murray to garner an Oscar nomination. And we, the audience, are collateral damage.

So not funny.

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