Friday, October 8, 2010

You Again: P U again

You again is a mystery. Technically, it's a comedy. The mystery is how a movie with such a stellar cast can be such a stinker. It stars Kristen Bell, who the Movie Slut loves ever since "Veronica Mars," and boasts a supporting cast that includes the fabulous Sigourney Weaver, the sensation Jaimie Lee Curtis and the astonishing Betty White. So what went wrong?
Pretty much everything, except the main plot, which could have been a stitch.
So Kristen's brother is marrying her high school nemesis, who just happens to be the niece of Sigourney, who was Kristen's mother's high school headache. There's a little more, but you get it.
Note the tacky dresses in the photo. That's how tacky the entire more is and Sigourney is supposed to be an obscenely wealthy business woman. I don't think you'll find that rag in Neimans.

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