Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hereafter: Now & Then

Clint Eastwood doesn't always make the Movie Slut's day.

But Matt Damon usually does. So here they are, director and actor, teaming up to give us a movie about a hokey subject: psychics.
Damon is George, a reluctant clairvoyant, who considers his talent more curse than gift. He is a man alone, separated from the rest of society — "normal" men and women, who live in the here and now, not knowing what the future brings. Oh, how George yearns to be like them.
And it is this yearning, this spot-on performance of a lone outsider, whatever the reason, that will make this movie resonate with viewers. The ordinary life can be so appealing when life takes disastrous turns.
Also appealing is the supporting cast: the luminous Cecile de France and twins, George and Frankie McLaren, who play Marcus, an English schoolboy, who finds that George has the answers he needs.
If "Hereafter" doesn't break your heart, check to see if you have one.

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