Saturday, October 30, 2010

Conviction: When justice fails

"Conviction" is a movie that would fare better with less truth and more truthiness. Which is often the case when films are based on true stories. Sometimes the dramatic arc need a bit of tweaking.
Hilary Swank and Sam Donaldson are marvels as brother and sister, Kenny and Betty Anne Waters, who grew up in one of the grittier areas of Massachusetts. He's wrongfully imprisoned for a murder. She devotes her life to proving his innocence. Great story. Right?
But something was lost in the translation. The Movie Slut didn't get caught up in the drama until near the end of the movie, which should have had her when the prison door slammed shut.
If you're looking for a story with real pathos surrounding wrongful imprisonment, she suggests "Witch Hunt". Full disclosure, her daughter is part of the documentary team that produced this gem.

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