Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning Glory: Don't stop to smell this flower

Think of "Morning Glory" as "Broadcast News" lite. Here you have Rachel McAdams as a workaholic TV producer instead of Holly Hunter as a workaholic TV producer. You have a daytime "newsy" show, instead of the hard-hitting evening news. And you have the tug of war between news and entertainment, instead of the competition between an intelligent anchor and a hunky talking head. And instead of a thoughtful, passionate discourse about the importance of an honest news broadcast, you have silly fluff about what viewers really want: soft news or hard-core entertainment.

"Morning Glory" has its fun moments. Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford are deliciously dueling diva anchors and the morning shows are rife with ridiculous material. It's just not funny enough. Or serious enough. A missed opportunity.

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