Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unstoppable: The Little Engine that Could

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine aren't the real stars of this fast, loud, bombastic new movie. Engines 777 and 1206 are. The first is the brash, violent, dangerous, out-of-control (literally) Goliath. The latter is the small, blue underdog that movie-goers will be rooting for.

"Unstoppable" barrels along full speed ahead, with pit stops every now and then to build character for the human performers, aka, the supporting actors. As always, or usually, Washington is eminently likable, as is Pine, especially when he's in full-grin mode.

But this edge-of-the-seat movie belongs to the hunks of metal and steel. Not only the trains, but also the helicopters, trucks, police cars, bridges and tracks that fight to contain the speeding monster.

It's a 5-year-old boy's fantasy. And the Movie Slut loved it, too.

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