Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Year's Eve: Schmaltz +Corn = Cr--

If you don't already hate New Year's Eve, you will after seeing this inane movie. Unless, that is, you're not old enough to remember too many end-of-the-year "celebrations" full of faux frivolity and idiotic party hats, followed by hellacious hangovers. The young audience at the multiplex last night laughed their way through this banal, shallow, insipid film, while The Movie Slut and her friend groaned (good naturedly).
"NYE" is another one of those star-studded efforts with a cast of thousands. Okay, about eighteen. The 2003 British flick "Love Actually," did it wonderfully, weaving together meaningful, powerful, heartfelt stories that resonated with movie goers and pulled their heartstrings.
Unfortunate imitations were sure to follow. And now we have another one.
Not a platitude has been left on the cutting room floor. No cliché is too hackneyed to be ignored.
Still, with all that star power, some excellent performances are on the screen. And one more blast of good news: Justin Bieber doesn't even have a tiny cameo. Hallelujah.

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