Saturday, December 17, 2011

Young Adult: Arrested Development

The Hello Kitty T-shirt speaks volumes. Mavis Gary's emotional development stalled about ten years ago when she was in high school. Mavis, played brilliantly by Charlize Theron, was the prom queen back then, and a hot item with a hunk named Buddy.

Sure, he's married with a baby, now. But the way she sees it, that's a minor roadblock in their long life together.

And so, Stalker Girl returns to the small hometown that was — and will remain — the winter of her discontent. She's smart and gorgeous, but that's no longer the ticket to success.

"Young Adult" is funny in a politically incorrect way that's reminiscent of "There's Something About Mary," but underneath the laughs, it's a portrait of depression, exacerbated by booze.

It's one of the most thoughtful movies the Movie Slut has seen in some time. Adding to its appeal is the open-ended final scene.

Does Mavis trash the Hello Kitty T-shirt, move on from writing Young Adult novels, and enter the world of grownup reality? Or does she down another drink?

See what you think.

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