Wednesday, December 28, 2011

War Horse: A Very Human Story

You've got to love a movie with end credits that include a goose trainer and an equine makeup artist. But those are lesser reasons to adore this Steven Spielberg epic drama about love and human kindness exhibited by people even in the most dire circumstances.

And how welcome that message is at a time when our species is constantly being told how greedy, worthless and corrupt we all are.

That the most wonderful of human traits is revealed in a story about a horse — well — does it really matter how the tale is told? Some say this movie is about the bond between man and beast. But the humanity exhibited by the characters in this sweeping saga seems to say more about our fundamental humanity.

Joey, the horse, is no ordinary creature. But the adoration heaped on him by the people who weave through his life is even more extraordinary.

He's trained and learns to plow by a Devon lad who worships him. A young French girl teaches him to jump. (Both these skills save him from imminent death.) And in the movie's defining scene, an English and a German soldier on the front lines during WWI, come together and risk their lives to save his.

Now what do you think? Is this a movie about horse or human?

If you haven't seen this movie, do so asap and let the Movie Slut know what you think.

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