Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Iron Lady: A Woman Among Men

The brilliance of this new biopic about the rise and fall of Britain's only female prime minister is not how astonishingly Meryl Streep channels Margaret Thatcher. It's the way Streep disappears and Thatcher becomes the star of this riveting drama about the accomplishments and ambitions of a duty-driven grocer's daughter.

The film does an excellent job of revealing her parental influences. The positive — her passionate father trying to improve the lives of working people, and the negative — her mousy mother scurrying around the kitchen.

Sometimes better than others, the movie takes viewers back to the historical events that defined Thatcher's 11-year tenure, from 1979 to 1990. And we're privy to her decisions, reactions and the growing inflexibility that brought her down.

The Movie Slut may not agree with the Iron Lady's ideology, but she cheers her right to express those ideas right up there with the most powerful men of her time.

She was a trail blazer, a true feminist in the real sense of the word. And MS applauds her for that.

"I owe nothing to Women's Lib," Thatcher once said.
How true. It is Women's Lib that owes Margaret Thatcher.

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Marlene Detierro said...

Great acting, as always, from Meryl Streep. Gave new insight into the drive behind Margaret Thatcher, and how she became a definitive leader at a critical junction In her country' history. I am sure that parts were played up or down depending on the movies flow, but it was a wonderful opportunity to see the thoughts and making of one of Great Britain's significant leaders of the 20th century.

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