Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pina: The Undoc

Ah dance! The Movie Slut thought she could never get enough of it. Until now.

"Pina," an anti-documentary documentary, does exactly what MS always says a doc should do: Show us the subject's art, music, whatever, and puh-leze stop with the talking heads.

Beware of what you ask for.

Here we have a film about Pina Bausch, the German dancer and choreographer who died in 2009, and if it weren't for Google, we would still be blissfully ignorant of these facts.

Pina was an avant garde choreographer - also not stated in the movie - whose work was jarring and emotional and cerebral. It was about life and death and all that fits between. And her work could be funny and whimsical, too.

Alas. This movie is only for the most hardcore dance aficionados. Although with a some judicious editing (Did we really have to see every dance she created?) it would have a more universal appeal.
Too bad. Pina deserved better than an arid academic study of her art.

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