Monday, March 12, 2012

Friends with Kids: Parents without Marriage

"FWK" sets out to be a rom-com with a brain. And if your idea of funny and intelligent have been whittled down to mildly amusing and somewhat smartish, you could enjoy this flick. And if you find predictability a plus at the multi-plex, well then, this movie is for you.

"FWK" also tries to pump up the humor with what's threatening to become the snore of the decade: vagina jokes. Been there. Heard that. And it wasn't funny the first time.

The supposedly thought-provoking plot posits the question: Do kids snuff out the magic between husband and wife? To test the hypothesis, two annoying friends have a baby outside of marriage.

Does is work?
Remember the predictability factor.

If the end had left us wondering, this movie might have been more than a shameful snooze.

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