Sunday, March 25, 2012

Footnote: To Tell The Truth?

What is more important truth or family?
That question is at the heart of this moving, amusing, thought-provoking,
award-winning Israeli film, which examines the threadbare relationship between a father and son. Both are Talmudic scholars and professors at the same prestigious Jerusalem University, but that is where the similarity ends.

When one of the men learns that he won a coveted award, the tenuous thread that unites the mismatched duo is stretched to a possible breaking point. And adding to the conundrum, the other scholar faces a most perplexing dilemma.

He possess information that could enhance his position at the detriment of the other. Should he tell the truth? Or remain true to his family?

Forgiveness is a popular theme at the movies this year, and in a sense this must figure into the decision to divulge, or not to divulge, the truth. But "Footnote" moves beyond the facile lip service often portrayed on screen. When one returns love he's never received, forgiveness is surpassed, moving this film about truth into the realm of beauty.

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