Sunday, April 1, 2012

21 Jump Street: You Could Skip This One

Whether you take a hop, skip and jump to this flick or whether you run the other way probably depends on your affinity for the 1987-1991 TV show of the same name.

The Movie Slut suggests you bring fresh eyes to the movie. No, it's not a must-see, but she's happy she did see it.

As on TV, you'll find undercover cops investigating youth crime. Here, they infiltrate a high school where a new killer drug is being sold.

"Oh, another high school movie," you may say. But this flick approaches the tired genre with fresh energy. The teens no longer fit into the hackneyed stereotypes we've grown accustomed to. And that's where the fun is found.

Add to that a surprising and enriching cameo performance by an undercover star and "21 Jump Street" had enough to please the undiscriminating Movie Slut and maybe you.

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