Sunday, April 22, 2012

We Have A Pope: An Answered Prayer

We've already seen singing/dancing nuns, so why not vollyball-playing Cardinals? Well, you'll see them now in this gem of a dramedy from Nanni Moretti, the Italian director, who also co-wrote and co-stars in this answered prayer. (That's if your prayers include a funny/thought-provoking flick you won't soon forget.)

The smoke above Vatican Square was white. The Faithful were assembled. And then... Let's just say the centuries-old tradition takes a most surprising turn.

What happens after the Conclave of Cardinals elects the next pope unfolds like giggles from heaven. And the jokes are not all aimed at The Church. Moretti is a psychoanalyst in the film and Freud's ideas and methods also come under friendly fire.

This is a movie that does not take sides. Instead, it reveals some of the absurdities in our midst and reminds us that they are deeply, truly funny. And it does not stop there. Most of us will identify with the new pope's plight. And that's God's honest truth.

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