Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mirror Mirror: A Reflexion of the Times

If only the wicked queen had lived in the here and now instead of the once upon a time. She would have visited her friendly plastic surgeon and that would have been that.
Alas. This new adaptation of the old Grimm fairy tale is a grim affair despite all that it has going for it. And that includes: Julia Roberts as the evil royal (and she does evil brilliantly; Nathan Lane as her unctuous lackey (and he's unctuous personified); seven frightfully funny warrior dwarfs; enchanting music by Alan Menken; over-the-top sets and scenery.
So why is "Mirror Mirror" less than the sum of its parts?
Let's just say it's like a fun house mirror that's no fun at all.
OK, maybe it's a little fun. The author of this review is, after all, the Movie Slut.

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