Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Reunion: From Pie to Piffle

Thirteen years ago, they were high school jerks. Funny jerks. But jerks nonetheless. Now, more than a decade after "American Pie" hit theaters, they're still jerks but a lot less funny.
Too bad.
What could have been a hysterical romp down memory lane is a lame limp along the highway to nowhere.
All the guys are back, and once again Jim Levenstein, (Jason Biggs), is the glue that holds the buds together. He still has the sweetness and confusion that elevated him above his horny circumstances, but here he can't get beyond the tiresome plot and tone-deaf dialogue.

Eugene Levy, as Jim's lumberingly obtuse Dad, and Jennifer Coolidge as Stiffler's sexually predatory Mom, almost save this yawn-a-thon from jettisoning viewers into a narcoleptic torpor. But not quite.

If you miss this one, count yourself among the blessed. The bad news is that a sequel has been threatened.
How about "American Finale?"

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