Monday, April 9, 2012

The Kid With A Bike: An Incredible Ride

Sometimes at the movies, as in life, it's easy to forget that fundamental human decency is all around us. This elevating movie from Belgian filmmakers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne will remind you that psychos and other sickos aren't the only ones inhabiting our planet.

It's a stirring movie in the way that the Beethoven music that brackets the film sends you soaring above the baser elements of our world. A mere 11 notes separate the action into chapters in a way that cannot be more wondrous.

Cyril, the kid of the title, is a survivor. We figure that out right away. Instinctively, he does what he must to deal with circumstances that might crush a less resilient child. Often, his behavior isn't pretty. He's muddling through.

And so are the other characters in this heartfelt film. These adults are lost,too, but are not villainized. "Kid" is a big-hearted movie that let's us know that sometimes it's not about good and evil. It's about the imperfection in the middle.

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