Saturday, March 10, 2012

John Carter: Of Virginia & Mars

Time and space travel are two of the Movie Slut's fave movie genres. Add some hokey creatures or aliens and she's in cinema heaven. And so, while she won't give you a money-back guarantee on this one, she did love every minute of "John Carter."

The story revolves around a reluctant Civil War soldier who manages to get away from the strife in his homeland, only to find himself on Mars, where brother is also fighting brother. On the Red Planet, however, there's no reason as honorable as the elimination of slavery. (OK forget that. It's never mentioned in the film.)

But Mars does have some folks who are worth fighting for, if only because they have four arms.

John Carter has all the ingredients for a superbly mindless summer flick: Monsters and aliens; love and comedy; gladiators (sort of), American Indians. It even has some touching moments that brought tears to the Movie Slut's eyes. Honest.

The fact that its debuting in March is the biggest surprise.

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