Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Place Beyond The Pines: Beyond Belief?

Luke is the flame that draws and destroys the moth. Played by a bleached blond Ryan Gosling, he's an irresistable character who bring grief to everyone he touches.

He's a carni motorcycle stuntman and dresses the part with strategically torn and tattered clothes and a body covered with frightening tattoos. His placid, exquisite face masks his inner turmoil.

It's difficult to watch him make mistakes. Still, he's completely believable.

Avery (Bradley Cooper), well, not so much. A lawyer, who chooses to be a policeman, we meet him  as an intelligent, loving husband and father and an honorable cop. When he makes his walloping mistakes, we don't quite understand why.

Pines is a three-part film that may torture you with worry over its characters, and smother you with claustrophobic fatalism, but it never allows for a complete suspension of disbelief. And at two hours and twenty minutes, it should have closed some yawning gaps.

Having said that, The Movie Slut is delighted that she saw this flick and stayed to the end when she was rewarded with a beautiful, believable final scene.

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