Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oblivion: Last Man Standing

Oblivion will take you back. You're 12 again. At RKO or Loews. It's a rainy summer afternoon.

The movie on the screen doesn't make much sense. But you don't care. There's nowhere else you'd rather be. Maybe if you were a grown-up you'd understand it.

Maybe not.

On the screen this spring, it's 2077. Earth is over. Destroyed by aliens, who lost the war but made the planet uninhabitable. Radiation zones are everywhere. Most Earthlings have emigrated to one of Saturn's moons. Not Jack (Tom Cruise).  He's a drone repairman and drones are essential.

Why? Who cares.

Oblivion isn't a flick that asks you to suspend with disbelief. It demands that you abandon  questioning and forget all that rigamarole about Scientology and the Oprah-couch-jumping shebang. It just wants you to sit back and enjoy the mindless fun.

And it is great fun. With a little bit of everything thrown in— romance, violence, space travel, aliens and even Morgan Freeman. Just bring your earplugs and go with the twisty, topsy turvy senseless entertainment your inner kid remembers.   

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