Monday, April 22, 2013

Disconnect: Thrill Times Three

Paula Patton stars in Disconnect with Jason Bateman and Hope Davis.

Think before you click is the message of this lightening-paced thriller that weaves together three cautionary tales about the dangers lurking in cyberspace.

Each story could have been a movie in itself, but spliced together seamlessly, they make for an unforgettable trip to the multiplex.

Fathers are also a concern in this movie. How they act, react and can't find their way to being the parents they aspire to be.

The film also focuses on the contrast between the coldness of technology and the heat of  human passions, carving out an interesting dichotomy on screen.

Ultimately, the risky cyber forays bring out the humanity in each character, making this an interesting as well as edgy flick that suggests we stop texting, tweeting and Googling long enough to reach out and touch each other. In real time. In a real place.

There, the Movie Slut said a lot without giving away one plot point.
You're welcome.

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