Friday, May 24, 2013

At Any Price: Might Want to Save Your $$

Forget about the noble, wholesome, hard-working American farmer. This is a movie about the greedy business of agri-farming, genetically engineered seeds, father-and-son strife, marital infidelity and ethical/moral breakdown in rural America.

In other words, this film is all over the place and to the degree that you embrace cynicism you will either love it  or leave it. Okay, walking out midway is not necessary.

As you can see from the subhead, above, the Movie Slut didn't embrace this flick even though Dennis Quaid stars as Henry Whipple, a most ungentlemanly farmer, and Zac Efron, his chip-off-the-rotten-block son, Dean.

These guys make the money-grubbing Wall Street bankers seem forthright. That is if you buy into this tale, which grows darker and darker until its sour end. 

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