Friday, May 24, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: Not for Trekkies Only

Beam yourself over to the nearest multiplex and renew your friendships with Captain Kirk, Dr. Spock and Scotty. What fun to see them again and how comforting to know that they're still out there valiantly fighting to save the Earth.

So what if there have already been six TV series between 1966 and 2005. Who cares if we've already had 12 movies from 1979 to the present. Can you ever get enough of a good thing?

And what makes this film stand out, at least for the Movie Slut, is evil-doer Benedict Cumberbatch,  as Kahn, the "one-man-weapon-of-destruction." Loyal PBS viewers will know him as the hyper detective in the PBS series "Sherlock." He makes a seamless transition from good to bad guy and almost steals the show.

But not quite. There's so much to enjoy in this sure-to-be-a summer blockbuster. And remember, a tub full of popcorn is the best antidote for Vulcan mind-meld.

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