Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Company You Keep: And Friends You Don't

Baby boomers will remember the Weather Underground, the radical and sometimes violent arm of the SDS. Those turbulent times are brought back in this movie, which is directed by Robert Redford and in which he stars.

It's 30 years later and one member who'd been involved in a bank robbery that resulted in the death of a guard has turned herself in. This sets off a chain of events that threatens to expose other members, who may or may not have been involved in the murder.

The Company You Keep is partly a fugitive thriller, but there are also echoes of  "All The President's Men" in which Redford starred as Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward. Here we have Shia LaBeouf as a young reporter determined to break the story and get to the bottom of what happened three decades ago.

The stella cast includes Stanley Tucci, Julie Christie, Chris Cooper, Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Terrence Howard and Anna Kendrick.

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