Thursday, September 19, 2013

Instructions Not Included: But Sorely Needed

 What were they thinking?
To be more specific, why did this movie arrive at the local multiplex?
Not that it was bad. Well, not that bad.

 It did have a lively, colorful palette and a fairytale plot, though more like the old Grimm stories than the sanitized ones we read to kids nowadays. The trouble is that the grim turn of events comes out of nowhere at the end of what seemed like a comedy, making this PG 13 movie pretty inappropriate for children. And the theater was filled with children when the Movie Slut viewed it.

Make that Latino children. Another problem is that this Mexican flick is in Spanish and though English subtitles flash across the screen, it would take a pretty brainy child to read them. So, that means American families won't be flocking to see this flick.

The Movie Slut won't instruct you to skip this one about a Dad, who finds himself the sole parent of a baby when mom drops her off and disappears. But consider yourself forewarned.

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