Sunday, September 1, 2013

World's End: WTF?

World's End begins and pops along for about half the film as a typical British comedy. Five eccentric characters are on a lunatic mission to complete the pub crawl they'd abandoned 20 years ago.

Five guys. Twelve pubs. Countless pints with some shots tossed in for added intoxication.

But something insanely unexpected happens on the way  to the World's End, the last pub on their boozy odyssey.

No, the Movie Slut, unlike some other spoilsport reviewers, will not give this plot point away. She will just say that while many fans of British comedy may find this less than entertaining, she relished the digression.

WE has a message. It's about the dangers of growing old and stuffy. In the end, these characters were willing to risk their lives to avoid this fate.

 She'll drink to that.

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