Sunday, September 8, 2013

Riddick: Just Plain Ick

"There are bad days. And there are legendary bad days," says Riddick (Vin Diesel) at the beginning of this sci fi alleged thriller, right after he battles a gaggle of giant slimy alien predators.

Should you venture to see this movie, you'll understand the true meaning of "legendary bad days."

Yeah, the Movie Slut shudda known better, but she listened to a critic who found the movie about an alien mercenary turned-anti-hero  — who first appeared in Pitch Black and then in the Chronicles of Riddick in 2004) — entertaining, even funny. Is that funny as in your house was sucked away by a tsunami? Ha. Ha.

Riddick, the alien superhero, who can survive a direct hit from a refrigerator dropped from a plane, is hiding out on a hellishly dystopian planet. Not only does he have to battle the previously mentioned predators, but bounty hunters have arrived to take him — dead or alive. (Think sequel and you'll guess what transpires.)

If movies can be psychoanalyzed, this one has a virulent case of Passive Aggressive Syndrome. It pretends that the over-the-top violence and misogyny are just for winks and chuckles. Even though there's nothing funny about them.

As one character says near the end of the movie, "This is one fucking demented fairytale."

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