Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nebraska: Family Ties

Everything comes together in this thoughtful film about the family ties that bind these characters together. Exactly what those ties are made of is open to interpretation. Maybe it's love.

When the movie opens, we see a grisled old man (Bruce Dern) trudging along the road. Beaten down by drink, age and neglect, he appears unable to make it for a block. We soon learn he's on his way from Montana to Nebraska to retrieve the million dollars promised him in a sweepstakes letter.

His son (Will Forte) tries to convince him the letter is a scam. Instead, the father convinces him to make the road trip.

Photographed in black and white, with a soulful score that captures the flatness of the heartland, Nebraska opens a window onto this father/son relationship, the father's secrets, the dynamic between other family members and the old man's need to believe in his supposed windfall.

The Movie Slut appreciates how questions resonate, remain unanswered and provide food for thought.

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