Saturday, December 21, 2013

Out of the Furnace: Into the Multiplex

In a hardscrabble blue-collar town, there lived two brothers.

Russell (Christain Bale) works in the mill, on the furnace, to be exact. He's the good brother if you ignore some over drinking and vehicular manslaughter that land him in the big house.

 Rodney is the bad brother. He's just returned from his fourth deployment in Afghanistan and is out of work. Lest you think this flick's about the unjust treatment of returning vets, think again. We soon learn that Rodney (Casey Affleck) has always been trouble. He's an issuey guy and one of those issues is gambling.

This is a gritty movie with Woody Harrelson as a drug addicted and selling mountain lowlife adding grime to the grit. The Movie Slut would say, "skip it" unless you're the macho type with a penchant for blood and misplaced guts. But thanks to primo acting (Sam Shepard's also in the cast) and ace photography, she deems it watchable.

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