Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Book Thief: Watch, Don't Read

The Movie Slut almost skipped this one.
The book.

She tried to read the novel, but the obnoxious narrator kept interrupting the story to inject his banal observations.

Luckily, he's less intrusive in the flick allowing the captivating narrative to pull her in and keep her interested.

This is a World War II story, which takes place in a small German village. If you've ever wondered how the German people allowed Nazi atrocities to continue, this sheds light on the helplessness of these simple folks, some of whom did manage to help Hitler's victims. But the film is about more than that.

It's also about the magic of words, particularly those sandwiched between two covers. Those who love books are well aware of the transportive nature of reading — the joy of cracking open a book and being swept away by words that spring to life.

And there couldn't be a more timely moment to tell this sorrowful, yet uplifting, tale. We have, after all, entered the era when tablets are replacing tomes.

Ask the Movie Slut how she feels about this digital development and she answers with a question.
"Can you imagine a movie called "The Kindle Thief?"

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