Thursday, February 27, 2014

3 Days to Kill: Seriously?

Amber Heard & Kevin Costner in 3 Days to Kill

Rule No. 1.
Do not take this flick seriously.

3 days to kill is a thromedy, a triller/comedy set in Paris, and as denizens of "the city of lights" would say, it is tres amusant.

C.I.A. super-assassin Keven Costner wants nothing more than to unload his pistol and win back the love of his ex-wife and daughter. Alas, his cold-blooded superior has blackmailed him into one last hit, which turns into a trail of bloody corpses. Quelle horreur.

Costner is excellent in the role of a guy who plays by his own wacko rules. And Amber Heard, as his blackmailing boss, nearly steals the show with her sang froid and outrageous turnouts. In fact, the entire cast has brought their A-games. Still, 3 days, never quite adds up to the sum of its part.

So should you see it?
"Bien sur," says the Movie Slut.

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