Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RoboCop: Sci Fi Fun

Joel Kinnaman is Robocop

Moviegoers are apt to dismiss this flick as low-brow entertainment not worthy of their time or money. And they'd be partially correct.
RoboCop is low-brow, but worth every 108 minutes and every penny of the ticket price.

Like the half human half robot at the center of the action, it has a brain, a heart and a sense of humor.

Think of him as Frankenstein for the 21st century.

When Alex, a good cop, is blown to bits, a greedy capitalist (Michael Keaton) turns him into a mechanical crime fighter with the help of a naive physician (Gary Oldman).

No bad guy is safe from this cop and no segment of society gets a free pass in this smartish film, and that includes politicians, the press, corporations, and even law enforcement.

Samuel L. Jackson is inspired as a smarmy, spin-mongering cable TV news show host in bed with the greedy capitalist. 

So leave your inner naysayer at home and have some fun at the multiplex.   

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