Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gloria: See and Decide

as Gloria in Sebastian Lelio's film
Gloria isn't young or beautiful. At times she looks like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie.
She's not slim or glam and her office job is lame. She's divorced with two grown children and lives alone. Most of the time.

What she does have is joie de vivre. And she loves to dance. So, she dresses up and goes to clubs where like-aged men are plentiful. Sometimes she hooks up with an over-the-hill Lothario. The most recent, a once obese graduate of gastric bypass surgery.

If it's true that love is lovelier the second time around. Dating surely isn't. Which Gloria's hookups prove. In fact her experiences go down hill at a dizzying speed.

So what's the point of this Chilean gem of a flick? Several reviews say it's a testament to one woman's resilience. The Movie Slut believes it chronicles her discovery of the truth in Penelope Russianoff's 1983 bestseller, "Why Do I Think I'm Nothing Without a Man?"

See it and decide what you think about Gloria.

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