Sunday, March 16, 2014

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

The Movie Slut's great late friend, Jacques le Sourd, who was born too late and died too soon, adored Broadway's legendary Stephen Sondheim singer and cabaret crooner, Elaine Stritch. When he spoke about the brassy blond belter, MS just rolled her eyes. After all, theater is not her passion. It's the movies, of course.

But the sharp-tongued and sharp-witted JLS, was a drama critic and Stritch was a performer who always managed to stay on the good side of his pen. And so, in memory of her dear pal, the Movie Slut bought a ticket to see Stritch at the multiplex.

The documentary unfolds when she's turning 87 (she's now 89), struggling with diabetes, alcohol addiction and fears of aging. Flashbacks provide glimpses into her colorful past, including a date with John F. Kennedy, before Jackie.

It's a touching and sometimes humorous look at a woman who always knew what she wanted and stopped at nothing to get it. Now the Movie Slut understands Jacques admiration.   

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