Sunday, March 16, 2014

Face of Love: Believe It Or Not

If ever there was a film in which excellent acting triumphs over a dopey plot, here it is.

At the best of moments, the movie evokes memories of Hitchcock's Vertigo, without the acrophobia.
Sadly, those moments are rare.

This is a story of a widow, who— five years after her husband's death— meets a man who's the spitting image of her lost love. We've all heard people say that everyone has a double. But, come on, who believes that?

Unfortunately the premise of this movie is that this ridiculous fantasy is true. So here we are with two excellent actors, Annette Bening and Ed Harris, saddled with a ridiculous conceit, and pretty much pulling it off.

It helps, if as a viewer, you supply more interesting and believable explanations for the on-screen action. Still, chances are, you'll be disappointed at the end.

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