Monday, March 3, 2014

Non-Stop: Flakes on a Plane

Is Liam Neeson a rogue air marshal?

Okay, so there are moments in this non-stop thriller that are less lucid than psychobabble. But who cares? Shortly after takeoff you'll be along for the ride, and suspended 300,000 feet, well above disbelief.

So, sit back, fasten your seat belts and thank Liam Neeson for the wild ride. He's the air marshal on a flight threatened by diabolical evil-doers. They even manage to make him look like a rogue marshal. Passengers don't trust him. Neither does the pilot. Still, he must do his job and save their lives.

It's been ages since the Movie Slut has seen such a thrilling thriller, the kind that makes you gasp and jump back in your seat, heart thump-thumping, before smiling at your fear. Hopefully its success at the box office will inspire more of these flicks.

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