Monday, May 19, 2014


Call her crazy, but the Movie Slut thinks Godzilla is a lot like Lennie in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. They're both big, strong and not the brightest. (Unless, in G's case, he's breathing fire.) Neither means to inflict the damage he creates. (Unless, again in G's case, it's against the enemy.)

In this movie, he has two formidable foes: Ginormous insect-like creatures, not unlike tremendous brown praying mantises, on the verge of spawning countless progeny.

Godzilla to the rescue!

The latest G-flick is only for lovers of monster movies. And you can count MS among them. It  delivers all the bells, whistles and roars she was looking for and some human character development as a bonus. So what if the back story was as murky as the depths from which these monsters emerged. Something about the first submarine activating dormant life forms, which feed on radioactivity.

It's not their fault that they see power plants as fast food restaurants.
McNuke anyone?

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